Working on a painting of irises

I’ve been steadily working away at my latest painting which is 3 white irises on a background of green leaves. It’s been a little challenging to do this first layer of paint since my dark green paint tends to blend in a little too well with the next shade down. I’m hoping to get the first layer completed this weekend. The second layer is when the contrast gets bumped up and things really start to pop.

We’re having family over on Saturday for Easter and I’m looking forward to that. The spring weather we’re finally getting is also motivating me to get started on the spring cleaning so that’s on the agenda for the weekend as well!



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Time for change

Yesterday I turned 45 and I had a lovely day with my husband John. We did the family birthday party a week ago to celebrate all the March birthdays – my dad, my niece June, my brother Brian and I – and we had a blast.

Brian and I share a birthday – we were both born on March 24 but 5 years apart – and we always wanted Chinese food for our birthday dinner. In that tradition, John and I had Chinese food last night and I was lucky enough to get this fortune cookie:


Funny enough, I had been thinking of taking a new path with my blog and website so with John’s help I am switching my blog over to a self-hosted platform. I’ve also decided to change up the look and feel of my site so get ready for some changes! I hope to unveil the new look later this week.


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A very successful week!

It has been a very successful week for me! The painting of the trilliums, named Tranquility, has gone to its new home, I sold the original of the Poppies, a limited edition print of the Split Rail Fence and a limited edition print of Always Room for Friends (the Muskoka chairs). Yay! I’ve also placed an order for prints of Tranquility and Poppies and I already have people interested in those.

This morning I finished the first layer of paint on the landscape with the little waterfall. I’m already seeing some things I will change when I do the second layer but for now it’s going up on the shelf for a bit to dry.

I have another canvas drawn out and ready to go – beautiful white irises on a background of what seems like a gazillion green leaves. It’s going to be fun!

landscape first layer


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A new spring-time visitor this year

We live in a subdivision but it’s kind of out in the country. Our backyard backs onto a farmer’s field so we’re not strangers to wildlife….however we’ve had a few interesting visitors over the past couple of years.

Last spring we had a porcupine come and make himself at home in our pine tree. My husband named him “Charlie” which made a little difficult to try to get rid of him! It took my brother-in-law with his live trap to finally relocate him waaaaaay far away from here.

Yesterday, we saw this little guy in our backyard. Turns out he’s a possum! I didn’t think we had them in this area but apparently they have made themselves quite at home in Southern Ontario. The cat wasn’t terribly impressed with him and on further investigation it looks like he might be making himself at home under our deck. John has put our brother-in-law Rob on alert that we may require his trap and expertise once again. Sigh.




possum and cat


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Spring is coming!

I took this past week off work with the plan of getting a lot of painting done. Unfortunately my great-aunt passed away so my plans were changed somewhat.

My Auntie Marie was an extraordinary woman and I will really miss her. She was full of stories and was always bragging about family and friends. She encouraged me in my art career and she purchased a large painting after my exhibition in 2011, which hangs proudly in her dining room. If you were to visit her and my Uncle Doug she would be sure to show it off and tell you about everything I’ve accomplished since kindergarten!

Although it was hard and sad to say goodbye, it was nice to reconnect with family and friends. I got to spend time with cousins, aunts and uncles that I hadn’t seen in years. After the funeral we all met up at a restaurant and there was a lot of sharing and laughter. My aunt would have loved it.

I have still been drawing or painting every day and did manage to get some work done this week. I finished the second layer of paint on the pink lilies….it’s going to need another layer to really bring out the flowers, so I’ve set aside to dry.

I began a landscape yesterday and I already love it! There are more rocks on the right side and a small waterfall right through the centre. I like the contrast between the light green in the background and the darkness of the rocks.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here – sunny and 6C – so I spent a lot of the afternoon out in the sunshine. It’s amazing how much better I feel when I know spring is on the way! There are all kinds of bulbs coming up in our front garden – yay!

little waterfall



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Painting of the tulips is finished!

I finished the painting of the bright pink tulips this morning. i think this is the fastest I’ve finished a painting! It’s not too large – 11 x 14 – which is a nice size. I love the shades of green in this one and it has me wishing for spring!Tulips


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Another online presence

I’ve joined Fine Art America and I’ve listed a few of my prints for sale. After having very little success with my Etsy shop I have done a lot of research into other online sales options for my artwork. Fine Art America offers all kinds of benefits along with a great Print on Demand service. I like that option because then I don’t have to keep a whole lot of inventory and my customers can choose the exact size and type of print they want.

I only have three images at the moment on my page as I have done limited edition prints of my other paintings. Like other online options it’s really up to the artist to drive traffic to their page but they provide integration with Twitter and Facebook and also an e-newsletter module which I’m going to look into further. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Fine Art America


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A weekend of painting

I’ve had a very busy weekend of painting! I have to make sure I have enough original work for both the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival in August and the Victoria County Studio Tour in October. Although over the past year I have been diligent at painting every day I haven’t been terribly productive when it comes to producing new work. I’ve been picking away at paintings an hour or so at a time but haven’t really carved out the time to spend making some good progress.

I’ve planned out 6 new paintings (with John’s help!) so far. Four are florals featuring our gardens and two are landscapes. Yesterday I got the first layer of paint completed on this one (it’s 11″ x 14″):


Today I completed the drawing on this one and got the first layer of paint done on half:

Pink lilies

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Big news!

I am very pleased to announce that I have been accepted to this year’s Buckhorn Fine Art Festival and to the Victoria County Studio Tour! I’m so excited!

The Buckhorn Fine Art Festival is August 16, 17 & 18 and the Victoria County Studio Tour is October 5 & 6 and October 12 & 13 so mark your calendars.

I received some really great feedback from the selection committee for the Buckhorn show which will be helpful as I prepare. I’m going to be VERY busy from now until August and every spare minute will be spent painting! I would like to have quite a few new paintings for the show so I have a lot of work to do.

Earlier this week I attended Artrepreneur in Peterborough and it was an excellent day. It was a full day on the business side of art and I learned quite a bit about value, pricing, distribution networks, marketing and promotion. I also met some fabulously talented people that I plan on staying in touch with.

I did a quick demo on the ArtRage and Brushes apps for the iPad plus I was on a panel in the afternoon. Great fun!



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Working on the first layer

I’ve been working on the Muskoka chairs on the dock again. Yesterday I completed the chair on the left and today I started on the chair on the right. I like the way it’s looking!


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